1st Subcarpatian Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Krosno

Polish Paragliding Association in cooperation with „PelczAir” Bogusław Pelczar proudly invite to „1st Subcarpatian Paragliding Accuracy Championschip in Krosno”. This FAI2 competition will take place from June 2nd to 4th June or, in case of bad weather conditions, the reserve term is 9th to 11th June. We will by flying from winch start at EPKR sport airfield located and owned by City of Krosno in Pokarpacie Voivodeschip (click here to open in Google Maps).

Due to limited manpower & equipment, number of competitors was limited to 40. Registration is available via this Google Form (click here) and will be closed on May 22nd or when pool of 40 places will be spent. According to FAI2 sporting code 25% of start list is reserved for foreign pilots. Therefore after the deadline applications from Poland will  be separated from foreign applications, sorted and and first 10 foreign pilots will be chosen.  Further 30 places will be distributed among left-over applications.

Entry fee is 35 Euro gross per person. It covers five winch launches (one training round and four competition rounds) and lunch packets (bottled water, sandwiches etc). Accommodation has to be paid separately, but we reserved all (22) places in aeroclub’s hostel for competitors. It costs 30 PLN (approx. 7 euro) per day, per person. Meals will be served by Cafe Mucha, also located at the airfield. Breakfast + diner + supper will cost about about 40 PLN (9-10 euro)


  1. Valid Paraglider Pilot License with winch launch rating.
  2. FAI Sporting License and IPPI4/5
  3. Civil Liability insurance extended to paragliding and competitions
  4. EN certified paraglider.
  5. Tow release and „tow helper” if necessary.
  6. Application done by linked Google Form, registration in competition office at first day, entry fee payment.
  7. Due to EPKR airfield specifics and amount of casual GA VFR traffic, all participants will be obliged to attend official briefing. Absence on briefing equals disqualification from flights!

We inform that during registration in competition office every pilot will have to prove theirs documents (pilot license, insurance etc). Organizers will scan these documents and store along with signed registration card. Pilot who refuse to proving will be eliminated from start list.


  • First Day (May 2nd or 9th) — From 3 PM registration and briefing. From 5 PM training round.
  • Second Day — Briefing and first competition round at 7 AM. Second round from 4 PM~5 PM
  • Third Day — Rounds scheduled in the same way as at second day. ~7PM prize-giving and closing ceremony.

This schedule can be modified to comply with weather forecasts. If weather will be insufficient for both main and reserve terms, competition will be cancelled and Entry fees transfered back to pilots. We will return 32 euro, due to some costs we have to bear regardless the Championship will take place or not.


Entry fee will have to be payed to our Euro bank account. Transfer details will be send via email address.


Sport Director: Krystian Wajs „Kasta” (+48 579 650 350)

Main Judge: Jacek Profus „Czapkers” (chairman of Paragliding Commission in Aeroclub of Poland)

Organizers: Bogusław Pelczar „Peciu” and Mateusz Lubecki (+48 660 43 44 46)

Competition Office Director: Sunita Thapa


  • email: psp@psp.org.pl

    Polskie Stowarzyszenie Paralotniowe
    ul. Nad Wisłą 4A, 04-987 Warszawa

    NIP 527 251 23 14
    REGON 140534339
    KRS 0000236118