Almost 200 pilots

At this moment there are 189 pilots who want to take part in the competition and almost 80 pilots confirmed (72 on the list and we are awaiting a couple of payment confirmations). We would like to remind you that one is fully registered for the competition only after paying the entry fee. The discount entry fee of €140 is valid only until 5th May. After that day the entry fee will be €160. Czytaj dalej

Polish and Lithuanian Open 2014 – registration open

The 2014 Polish Open will be run in two rounds: one in Slovenia and one in Poland. The event in Slovenia will be combined with the Lithuanian Championship and this event will be a PWCA Class 1 Selective Event (meaning you can get PWC qualification letters – A if you win it). Registration for the comp is run through the Slo-Comps system. You can find more info in the Menu to the left and more news will follow.

  • email: psp@psp.org.pl

    Polskie Stowarzyszenie Paralotniowe
    ul. Nad Wisłą 4A, 04-987 Warszawa

    NIP 527 251 23 14
    REGON 140534339
    KRS 0000236118