Polish & Lithuanian Open day 4

Another great day in Tolmin with a 79 km task. Hight cloudbase allowed the pilots to fly the route really fast, with the first pilot, Przemek Licznerski flying a DUDEK Coden, reaching the goal line within 2 hours and 7 minutes (average speed of almost 35 kph. At 18:10 the task was stopped due to a storm cloud developing over Kobarid. All pilots landed safely in Tolmin. Though the task was stopped, still 100 pilots managed to reach goal, with another 3 reaching ESS. After yesterday’s penalties for infringing the airspace today nobody flew too high (well, actually one pilot was 1 m too high and received a 2% penalty).

Tomorrow we are going to Lijak, where we might have more chances to fly a task.

Photos: Kasia Bugaj

Polish & Lithuanian Open day 2

It’s been a long day with some pilots spending almost 7 hours in the air. We had an 86 km task between Tolmin-Stol_tolmin-Polovnik and Tolmin again. The fastest in goal was Marek Robel (Niviuk Icepeak 7 Pro) right in front of Primoz Susa and Klaudia (Niviuk Icepeak 7 Pro) was the best girl. 81 pilots got to goal and a few more reached ESS. It looks like the good weather is here to stay, so we might expect some interesting tasks in the next two days.


Task 2

Overall after T2

Team results after T2

Polish Open day 1

Polish and Lithuanian Open kicked off in Slovenia with beautifully looking skies. We have 137 pilots in the comp (75 of them Polish – an incredible record). On the first day the pilots did a challenging 87 km task around the valley. 27 competitors made goal, with Primoz Susa in front.

  1. Primož Suša (Slovenia)
  2. Michal Gierlach (Poland)
  3. Pawel Barton (Poland)
  4. Máté Nagy (Hungary)
  5. Marek Robel (Poland)

Best woman was Klaudia Bułgakow.

Inofficial task results are here.

Registration at the HQ

In two weeks we are meeting in Gabrje to kick off with the Polish and Lithuanian Paragliding Open Championship 2014. First task is scheduled for 8th June (Sunday) and the last one will be either on 13th June (Friday) – in case we have at least 4 valid tasks by then, or we will use the reserve day – 14th June (Saturday), if we don’t have 4 valid tasks. Czytaj dalej

IPPI 5 card is obligatory

Some people have been asking whether it’s absolutely necessary to present the IPPI 5 card at registration. And the answer is – yes, all foreign pilots flying a paragliding competition taking place in Slovenia must hold an IPPI 5 card. It is stated very clearly in the following Safety Directive issued by the Slovenian Civil Aviation Authority: Czytaj dalej

Almost 200 pilots

At this moment there are 189 pilots who want to take part in the competition and almost 80 pilots confirmed (72 on the list and we are awaiting a couple of payment confirmations). We would like to remind you that one is fully registered for the competition only after paying the entry fee. The discount entry fee of €140 is valid only until 5th May. After that day the entry fee will be €160. Czytaj dalej

  • email: psp@psp.org.pl

    Polskie Stowarzyszenie Paralotniowe
    ul. Nad Wisłą 4A, 04-987 Warszawa

    NIP 527 251 23 14
    REGON 140534339
    KRS 0000236118